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Meeting of Directors-General for Youth

This gathering convenes the Directors-General for Youth, the highest officials of the EU member-states responsible for youth policy, in Brussels. They meet twice per year. During this meeting, they will discuss the current state of affairs and their contribution to the midterm evaluation of the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027 and share initial reflections of interim evaluations of Erasmus+ Youth and the European Solidarity Corps.

What is this about?

The European Union has developed an EU Youth Strategy (2019-2027), alongside two programmes for young people - Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps (2021 - 2027). In 2024, several evaluations are planned: The European Commission has foreseen a mid-term evaluation of the EU Youth Strategy, and the legal bases of both youth programmes also foresee a mid-term evaluation to be performed during this year. At the same time, the final evaluation of the programmes during the preceding period 2014-2020 is planned.

The Directors-General for Youth will discuss the state of affairs and their contributions to the mid-term and final evaluations of the EU Youth Strategy and the EU youth programs, based on research and on different evaluation reports provided by the European Commission and by Member States. During one day of their meeting, the Directors-General will meet the Directors of National Agencies in the field of youth to have common discussions and reflections. Leveraging their experience and knowledge about the development of the EU youth strategy and the programmes, these officials will engage in a forward-looking exchange of opinions between the Member States and the European Commission.

Why is this important?

About the halfway mark of the EU Youth Strategy and EU youth programs' timeline, it is important to assess potential adjustments for the latter half of the period, but it is also a good time to look ahead and engage in future-oriented discussions, with an eye towards shaping a new EU Youth Strategy and EU Youth programs beyond 2027.

Which outcomes are expected?

The outcomes of the meeting will be compiled in a report. The rapporteur of the meeting, under the responsibility of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the EU, will create this document. The report will reflect the opinions expressed by the representatives of each Member State during the meeting and can serve as a background document for use in the Member States, by the ministries or departments for youth, to support the development of their vision on European youth policies and their future cooperation on European level. The report will also inform the European Commission, in view of preparing their policy proposals in the field of youth.

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