Our goals

In the field of youth affairs, Belgium will support the further development of the EU Youth Strategy, help shape future EU Youth programmes and stimulate discussions and exchanges of knowledge on youth policy, including youth work policy, between the Member States of the European Union.

But of course, we also have some big dreams of our own...

Pattern circles

We want all young people to...



and participate in society and democracy.



through youth work.


Be empowered

to take charge of their own lives.

That's why we are working towards a better Europe for you(th)

We're doing this by...

Council Acts

Belgium's presidency of the European Union is dedicated to enhancing youth development through a series of events and policy negotiations.

We are seeking to negotiate policy papers known as “Council Conclusions” or “Council Resolutions” during our presidency, reflecting the collective stance of all 27 Member States. These documents demonstrate a commitment to implementing actions that positively impact the lives of 73 million young people in the EU.

Belgium's focus includes several sets of Council acts:

  • Council Conclusions on inclusive societies for young people.
  • Council Conclusions on the evaluation of European and international policy agendas on children, youth affairs and the rights of the child.
  • Council Resolution on ‘Youth work policy in a new Europe’.

This list is an ongoing process as more Council Acts will follow during the Belgian Presidency.

All the events organised by the Belgian Presidency link to the Council Acts.