EU Youth Strategy

The EU developed an EU Youth Strategy and wants young people to engage and become active citizens involved in democracy and society.

The EU Youth Strategy, covering the period from 2019 to 2027, sets out the plan for European Union collaboration on youth policies. It was established based on a Council Resolution in November 2018 and aims to harness the potential of youth policy. The strategy promotes youth participation in democratic processes, supports social and civic engagement, and ensures that all young people have the resources they need to be part of society.

The strategy focuses on three main areas: Engage, Connect, and Empower, with an emphasis on coordinated implementation across different sectors. Through a dialogue process involving young people from across Europe in 2017-2018, 11 European Youth Goals were identified. These goals address various aspects affecting young lives and highlight challenges. The EU Youth Strategy aims to contribute to achieving these goals and the broader vision for the involvement and well-being of young people.