Planting for the Future: Our Commitment to Sustainability and Inclusivity

Thanks to your support, we have successfully planted 2,100 trees! These trees will absorb 362.25 tonnes of CO2 during their lifetime, making a significant impact on our environment.

During our presidency, we chose to prioritise sustainability and inclusivity in our decisions, both big and small. Guided by our green framework, we decided to forgo traditional goodies for participants and crew. Instead, we invested the reserved funds into planting trees.

We partnered with Go Forest to bring some green and shade to the future. Together, we selected two projects that could benefit from more trees.

In Le Roeulx, Belgium, we planted chestnuts, oaks, maples, and walnuts in an area with limited afforestation. The goal is to create a diverse forest that preserves wildlife habitats and supports ecological and environmental benefits.

As the winds spread seeds and emissions freely, the second project takes root in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Collaborating with the non-profit organisation Faja Lobi and local communities, a mix of local trees and acacias are planted as part of large-scale reforestation efforts. These native species help restore biodiversity on degraded soils.

Recognising the region's needs, this project goes beyond planting trees. It focuses on social projects, introducing agroforestry, and creating local jobs. Faja Lobi works with the South Pole certification company to ensure these plantations meet the highest standards. They will be awarded the Gold Standard, the highest level for biodiversity and community care. All income from the sale of carbon credits will be reinvested in local projects. Thank you for helping us plant these seeds for a better future!

Discover here more about our efforts and the projects
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